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Dig Inn's Next Crop is a paid experience similar to an internship. We're looking for go-getters, people as passionate about changing the food system as creating systems and organization–ambitious team players who knows how to get sh*t done. A love for great food will have you crunching numbers and carrots with equal enthusiasm. You’ll work hands-on with one (or several) of our departments and will gain valuable insight into the fast-paced restaurant industry and develop leadership skills. Next Crop programs are paid hourly and offered summer, spring, and fall on a rolling basis and require a commitment of 25–40 hours per week. We are currently hiring for the summer program, May–August (dates flexible).

The Dig Inn Way

We serve seasonal American food, mostly vegetables, from farmers and partners as close to home as possible. We believe our food choices have the power to leave the world a little better than we found it. Our mission is to train the next generation of cooks, chefs, and restaurateurs, and help small and mid-sized farms scale sustainably. From paddock to plate, we’re building community.

It’s taken a lot of work (and Brussels) to arrive where we are. But this is only the beginning. We’re looking to make a big difference in the food industry, and we need your help.

BEVERAGE (Location: HQ in Nomad)
We nerd out over liquids–coffee, beer, matcha, tea, juice, you name it, we've sipped it. This unique internship intersects the worlds of F&B, ops, sustainability, and training, making it a great fit for budding coffee/juice/alcohol entrepreneurs. The ideal candidate has real world hospitality experience as a barista or bartender, an analytical mind, and love of all aforementioned beverages (duh).

A Day Inn the Life

SUSTAINABILITY (Location: HQ in Nomad)

The Sustainability team is rooted in our shared belief that sustainability should guide how businesses grow and contribute to a better food system. We read extensive reports on mindful waste management, work with local partners to achieve zero waste, and geek out over farm visits to learn about diverse farm models. Oh and P.S., we're buying a farm.

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We keep our farmers on speed-dial, have excel formulas memorized, and know the difference between a brunoise and a batonnet. Our knack for numbers is rounded out by culinary expertise. Quite literally, we get the farm to the table.

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PEOPLE & CULTURE (Location: HQ in Nomad)

The Dig Inn People Team is dedicated to growing the chefs, restaurateurs, and leaders of tomorrow. We focus on culinary leadership, sustainable paths for job growth, and creating a compassionate work environment to recruit and retain team members both at HQ and our restaurants. Our door (and hearts) are always open.

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The Marketing Team supports our restaurants, hosts awesome events, and create meaningful partnerships. Our department thinks big but also has the pragmatism to get things done. From photographing farmers, to catering food, we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty.

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RESTAURANT DESIGN (Location: HQ in Nomad)

The Restaurant Design team is a mix of self-taught interior designers and architects that use agility, creativity, and teamwork to get the job done. Your work will directly contribute to the guest experience at Dig Inn, whether it’s a beautiful tile floor in the dining room or the layout that’s just right for our guests and food team. We’re resourceful, outspoken, and all-over what’s trending in the food world.

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We keep things running smoothly at Dig Inn restaurants. Each day the Real Estate & Construction team wakes prepared for a new adventure. Our detail-orientation nature is essential to making sure our restaurants are in tip top shape with all permits (from building to electrical to DOH) and to ready to rock.

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