Supply Chain Director

New York, United States · Food & Beverage


Aka: Vegetable-Loving Negotiator

To the Dig Inn supply team, local vegetables are what perfect PH is to farmers: the key to basically everything. You’re hustling to build a locally based supply chain on a national scale as you manage trends with weekly reporting and farmer relationships. We’re equally committed to helping small farmers grow and scale as we are to finding the perfectly priced sweet potato. As our family of restaurants grows, crossing the threshold between food quality, cost, and scale will take priority.

We’re looking for someone to head up our supply team—the strategic, multi-tasking, vegetable-loving negotiator who can act as a liaison between research and development, marketing, operations, and finance. You’ll develop and execute a long-term supply chain strategy and sourcing model, encompassing the overall business and financial objectives of the company (and forecast issues like a pro). Each day you’ll walk in the shoes of our executive management, chefs, guests, and farmers, mapping their perceptions to your innovative sourcing plans. And most importantly, you’ll see how both your strategic and tactical support is integral to a better food future.

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